Northumberland Council

Our consultants were commissioned to manage the branding, culture and communications for the launch of the new Northumberland Council – Britain’s biggest unitary authority.

We were commissioned to develop a new brand and culture for the organisation as well as deliver supporting communications in the run up to ‘Day One’ and manage the merging of six communications teams into one. Our consultants worked closely with key stakeholders (including members, staff, residents, local voluntary groups, the RDA and the LSP) to identify what made Northumberland special and then reproduced this as a new visual identity.

Internal and external communications ensured that the transition on Day One ran smoothly with all 17,000 new employees knowing their new roles and all residents understanding how to contact the new council (over 5,000 calls were received on the new telephone number on Day One alone).

The communications and branding programme was commended by the Department for Communities and Local Government and the directors of the council praised the work of our consultants for their “significant contribution to delivering a safe Day One”.