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Here at Mercury Group, we have extensive in-house animation expertise and the ability to create highly dynamic and visually appealing 2d and 3d animations for a multitude of purposes.

In today’s busy business environment, our clients and their customers rightly require a quick and easy understanding of systems or business services…and that is why our animations are in such demand.

Mercury in Motion showcases the highly creative work that our expert animators deliver for our wide portfolio of clients across the private, public and voluntary sectors.

Whether you are looking to deliver a corporate or consumer campaign, promote a specific product or service, create a corporate presentation or a piece of work to support an important tender or pitch we can help you to explain complicated things simply and quickly using our creative, informative and engaging design and animation services.

Contact us today and we will help you to decipher exactly what you really want, need and expect. We will then present you with a well thought through, carefully tailored and innovative animation storyboard that will add value to you for many years to come.

Our simple process includes developing the specific stages on all animation frames followed by clear sign posts and creative illustrations and graphics enabling you to review every element and make any changes before we start to build your animation. We will then integrate everything into a fantastic animation that you can monitor online throughout the production process.

We can deliver your animation in your preferred format, including large screen displays, desktop applications, mobile devices or for publishing on the web or on social media.

Recent Work

Mayflower Smart Control – Lighting System

Mayflower, a leading manufacturer of intelligent control equipment for exterior lighting and associated illuminated equipment, required an animation to showcase the scope of applications for its products.

Our design team started with the concept of the “Mayflower World” logo and expanded this to an elevation shot. The world them flips around to provide a plan view of a live Mayflower city, complete with Mayflower products providing information for city planners to help residents going about their daily lives.

The Galleries – Storybook

As part of an integrated Christmas campaign at The Galleries Shopping Centre in Wigan, we created a story surrounding The Galleries Elf, who had come to visit the centre and take part in the Grotto and various retailer-led competitions during the week.

We used animation to bring the story to life, screened on televisions as elf characters read the story out to an enthused audience. The video helped to bring the story to life and keep the audiences captivated – adding to the whole experience.

Boston Energy – Wind Engineering Process

Leading wind farm services provider Boston Energy wanted an engaging way of promoting their full range of services to potential clients. The company offers a range of highly technical services for various different aspects of wind farm operation and the challenge was to simplify all of this  and incorporate it into a medium which did not require several pages of information.

Our team worked with Boston Energy to develop an animation which broke the services down into key areas and developed an offshore wind farm animation to illustrate how the different services applied to different areas of an offshore windfarm.

The Galleries – Santa’s Grotto

Creating an event or campaign is one thing, but bringing it to life through animation adds a new dimension to any campaign. To promote The Galleries Shopping Centre’s grotto at the Christmas light switch on event concert, we created a 30-second video which relayed our key messages and dates to tens of thousands of people.

The animation of the advert was a vital tool in drawing attention away from the activity for a brief period to take in key messages from The Galleries Shopping Centre.

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