Buckinghamshire County Council – FloodSmart

Mercury was appointed by Buckinghamshire County Council to deliver a behaviour change programme to increase town-wide understanding and awareness to flood risk (Change for Chesham) complemented by direct, person to person contact involving personalised flood planning (FloodSmart) at the property level, to those properties known to be at highest risk. Mercury, in collaboration with the steering group was tasked with developing an engagement strategy for how to bring about behaviour change amongst Chesham’s residents.

The general flood awareness raising involved a concerted media campaign, highlighting which areas, services and transport links are more susceptible to flooding. This flood risk information was backed up by a dedicated section of the CfC website providing locally relevant information and guidance on how best to prepare and be more resilient in the event of a flood. In addition to raising awareness, this campaign also called on the community to become involved in preparing for a flood and assisted in the recruitment of volunteers for the flood action group.