Mercury – Facilities Management (FM)

Here at Mercury, we work for some of the UK’s leading brands and household names by helping them to communicate effectively with their own teams, customers and business prospects. We have a reputation for dispelling the myth that marketing and communications is nothing more than a fluffy, optional extra. We are renowned for delivering innovative and value-adding services amongst our clients and those who turn to us for guidance and advice on how to help their businesses grow stronger and prosper financially.

Our highly skilled marketing and PR professionals are often the unsung heroes – hardworking people behind the scenes who help to position organisations in their unique spheres of work to win new orders and consolidate, capture and grow their market share.

We attribute our success to being focused entirely on making sure that people know about our clients, communicating their stories to targeted audiences with carefully executed campaigns that raise awareness of their products and services.

Clever and creative advertising campaigns, carefully considered narrative for press articles and award winning marketing collateral such as newsletters, brochures and websites are often described as cutting edge by some of the clients represented by our team here at Mercury. We also write business winning/defining PQQs, tenders and award bids – many of which have helped our clients to win a plethora of industry awards over the years.

We believe that this is because we work for organisations that truly understand the positive difference a targeted and thought provoking marketing and communications activity can have on a business that is looking to grow.

The most successful organisations that we collaborate with are those who view marketing and communications as an investment to drive value and real business benefit, not a cost. The more experienced and business savvy clients understand the return generated from marketing and communications activity that is so closely linked to their business plan. That is why we are always confident enough to challenge business leaders to test us with their marketing and communications budgets to see how much additional revenue we can generate together.

An example is Premier Technical Services Group PLC – a niche specialist service provider to the FM sector and a company that has seen huge growth since it was formed in 2007 and floated on the London Stock Exchange in 2015. PTSG is a fantastic business with an incredibly talented CEO and an equally gifted leadership team. They invest wisely in marketing and communications. Together we plan intricately and deliver decisively and our team here at Mercury is delighted to be integrated in the business – it has been great to play an instrumental part in their brand journey right from the outset and enjoying the associated successes along the way.

We have also been behind many of the successes of Sewell Group helping to promote their hugely successful construction and FM business. One of our biggest achievements there was helping the company, within a consortium, to win more that £400m work of new business and supporting them in their rise to 7th in Times Top 100 Best Companies to Work For.

In our view, if a business’ marketing and communications advisors are not adding financial value then something somewhere is amiss. The main causes for this, we believe, include lack of strategic focus and direction, asking the wrong questions and a lack of understanding about the activities that will make the biggest difference.

In our wider group of companies, we deliver extensively across the rail, contracting, energy, construction, engineering, FM and consumer sectors – also working for a growing list of retail outlets and shopping centres across the UK. The secret of our success is creative, consistent and value-adding delivery.

Integrated marketing and communications are fundamental to Mercury’s clients’ success and a growing part of that is social media – an area that we have invested heavily in alongside our own dedicated web and photography business.

Innovation creates value in our experience and we have had to be at the forefront of new ways of engaging with our clients’ customers. Social media in the right environment can have a hugely positive impact and our dedicated team of professional copywriters worked tirelessly in 2016 to deliver more the 1.2 million messages via various social and professional e-platforms. We have been delighted to see how many people and organisations engage in this way nowadays and we are pleased that our investment in this area has paid off for our clients.

Looking to the future we will continue to challenge organisations not to accept conventional ways of engaging and communicating – advising business leaders to look for better and more impactful ways to drive their messages home.

We believe that too many organisations sit back and accept immeasurable mediocrity from inexperienced and unfocused marketing and communications teams whose primary objective is to collect a fee at the end of the month instead of focusing on making a real and financial difference to the people and organisations they serve.

We know what is important to businesses because we ourselves are business leaders and we look for these important value adding attributes in the people we employ.